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July Morning Fest in front of the Rectorate at Sveta Gora Hill


The venue

July Morning is a hippie-influenced fest that started in 1972. The name of the event is closely related to Uriah Heep’s hit July Morning which was widely popular in Bulgaria at the time. It’s a unique fest that exists only in this country. Groups of people gather on the eve of July, 1st, usually at the beach, and stay up all night to meet the first Sun rays on the first day of July. They start fires, share drinks and play music while they wait for the sunrise. Although there are a number of versions at to what this tradition signifies, most people consider July Morning a celebration of the new beginning and the freedom of the spirit. It is considered that that the fest started as a subtle act of protest against the communist regime.

Veliko Turnovo University organizes the only July Morning Fest in Veliko Tarnovo for the sixth consecutive year; the place is the square in front of the Rectorate at Sveta Gora Hill. July Morning over the University Fest is a symbol of love, new beginning and faith in better days; it starts tomorrow (1st July) at 5.30 аm. People will meet the first rays of the Sun with Uriah Heep’s hit July Morning and other favourite rock songs.

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