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Giant deer swims in the lake of Ksilifor near Veliko Tarnovo
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Giant deer swims in the lake of Ksilifor near Veliko Tarnovo

A giant metal deer swims in the lake of the Ksilifor park near Veliko Tarnovo. The sculpture is 3 meters high and weighs about 100 kg.

The composition is named “Reflections” and was made by Dimitar Dimov, who is a master’s graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “, where his leading lecturer was Prof. Stefan Lyutakov.

The young artist says he likes to work with metal. He decided to use stainless steel for his stag, which is his graduate work. Dimitar says he chose to do a deer because he has read old myths and legends, according to which the deer appears as a forest spirit. There is a legend for two people who followed a deer that crossed the Dunav river and disappeared. And that is how they discovered Bulgaria.

Prof. Stefan Lyutakov says that the idea of the sculpture being placed in the water is wonderful and innovative. This is the first sculpture in Veliko Tarnovo, which will be placed on water and the second or third in the country according to the famous sculptor. In his words, this is a way the art can reach more people. There is no need to go to the showrooms to enjoy art when you can see it everywhere around you. This sculpture is not only a monument, but it is also an emotional accent in nature, which aims to enrich and bring joy to people in their daily lives.

The Ksilifor park near Veliko Tarnovo has already been turned into a magical forest thanks to the many sculptures by the students from our university. In the park, you can find a magnificent library, a tree with a golden apple, a magic carpet, a swing in the form of a dragon, Baba Yaga’s House, Flintstone’s car, a giant fish bench and many more. Now the “water” deer adds just a bit more magic to this already beautiful place.

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