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International and local groups at Mindya Rock Fest near Veliko Tarnovo
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Groups from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Ireland will play at Mindya Rock Fest 2019 near Veliko Tarnovo

One of the most anticipated rock and blues festivals in Bulgaria – Mindya Rock Fest, will be held for the eleventh time on August 23 and 24 near Veliko Tarnovo.

Yet again, there will be a mix of new and familiar names in the Rock Fest this year. Grab your friends, kids, guitars and tents and head for Mindya. As always, the entrance is free, and there will be cold beer and a delicious meal for everyone, the organizers wrote on their Facebook page.

On August 23rd, Friday, the festival will begin at 7 pm with Rock’n’Roll train, SoulBmoll, Jamie McDonald & The Number Nein from Ireland and Cotton Pickers – Serbia. The following day (August 24th), The Drivers, Krekhaus and Dainov’s band “Magistri” will perform on the outdoor stage, as will Sakis Dovolis Trio from Greece and Vasko Krupkata and “Poduene Blues Band”. The Rock festival will feature a lot of music, art, crafts and a variety of entertainment. Each year there are two camping areas for the more adventurous spectators of the festival.

Mindya Rock Fest is the most popular free rock and blues festival in Bulgaria, which started back in 2009. It takes place at the end of every August, in the village of Mindya, near Veliko Tarnovo, in the northern part of the Balkan Mountains. The initiator and main organizer is Prof. Evgeni Daynov, who also plays in one of the participating bands. Co-organizers are local citizens. In the early years, funding was provided solely by donors and sponsoring companies. Since 2011, the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo has been financing an increasing part of the expenses.

This festival is a cultural event that brings together music with arts and crafts, as well as people of different backgrounds – residents of small towns and the capital, Bulgarians and foreigners.

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