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Four fish farms are currently being built in the Veliko Tarnovo area
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Four fish farms are currently being built in the Veliko Tarnovo area

One of the largest fish breeding farms in Bulgaria is being made in the village of Kozarevets near Veliko Tarnovo. Another 3 fish farms are also under construction.

 The project envisages the cultivation of both mass fish and special species, including albino catfish, carp, sturgeon, tench and more. The fish farm will extend over an area of ​​over 130 decares, which is almost five times the size of the Motel Reservoir near Veliko Tarnovo. The investment is by the company “Arkus – Stroy”, which plans the expansion of the present auxiliary farm “Popenets”. This investment project provides for two separate fishponds that will extend to 134 decares in the meanders along the right bank of the Yantra River and will be used for sport fishing. Their water supply will be mainly provided by high groundwater, the project specifications indicate.

 Motela Reservoir near Veliko Tarnovo

The other project for a fish farm is by the company “Poseidon 73” and is for the Zlatarski Reservoir “Vlashki dol”. It provides for the deployment of floating net cages like in the Alexander Stamboliiski Reservoir. This installation will be located on an area of ​​20 decares, constructed of two floating pontoon paths with 20 cages mounted to them. The idea also includes the use of the entire reservoir area of ​​93.14 decares for extensive fish breeding – silver carp, grass carp, regular carp, catfish, and so on. The expected capacity of the fish farm is up to 100 tonnes of fish of all kinds.

The unused fisheries near the village of Nedan are also being restored at the moment. The company “Royal Land” plans to clean up the existing reservoir near the village, to strengthen its wall and install floating pontoons along its entire width with submerged bottom nets to separate the pools.

The company “Dizmat” also plans fish-breeding activity in the area of the village of Hadzhidimitrovo. They have already submitted a project to renovate the complex, which envisages the cultivation of freshwater fish – mainly carp, white carp and silver carp, in existing fish farms. In order to provide the necessary living environment for the cultivation of freshwater fish species, water abstraction from the Studena River is planned. The investment intent is related to the phased restoration of the fishery and plans for the strengthening of the banks of the water basins, repair of the lining of the feed channel, restoration and repair of the service road.

This means that lovers of fishing will soon have a lot more choices and variety for places for fishing in the Veliko Tarnovo region.

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