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Jamie Oliver’s “FOOD REVOLUTION” in Veliko Tarnovo :)


                                   “It’s just us trying to start a movement where everybody passes on a bit of cooking knowledge. We estimate that one person can potentially affect 180 others very quickly so we’re just trying to spread the world! “

Jamie Oliver

James Oliver is…

… one of the best British chefs and restaurateurs. He is famous for his typically English cuisine which has brought him numerous TV shows and restaurants.

Place and time?

Jamie Oliver’s initiative called “Food Revolution” is coming to Veliko Tarnovo. The free event is scheduled for May 20th, Saturday, and children between 4 and 12 years old can attend the event. There will be children’s drawing competition “My Favourite Food” and two children’s kitchen workshops are provided for the visitors and their parents in the old capital city. The first workshop will be held from 10:00 on May 20th in “Akvaya” hotel and the second one at the “Food and Health Workshop” in the district of Kolyu Ficheto from 11:00 on May 20th / 24th Asti street /.

Who is Involved?

The campaign involves a team of enthusiastic people who support Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. The revolutionaries are from all around the world, including Bulgaria, and they are helping the foundation to attract more followers’ interest. The whole initiative purpose is enriching and expanding the knowledge of adults and children about healthy eating, and improving the food habits of Bulgarians.

The meaning!

The Mission of Food Revolution is to provoke and inspire a real, positive change in the way that children understand food. Revolutionaries are campaigning to reduce the consumption of sugar, increase the consumption of healthier foods, protect children from junk food and help them with new recipes. Their ambition is to create a community that is inspired to make their life better. The campaign is trying to attract schools, restaurants, Bulgarian farmers and businesses and everyone else who values and works actively to more quality lifestyle.




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