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The New Sports Centre in Veliko Tarnovo :)

The sports complex “Hemus” is the latest acquisition of Veliko Tarnovo. If you, your friends and family love sports or you just need some healthy experience while you are in the city, you can easily go to the sports centre. Maybe you want to spend some quality time with your kids, playing together or you just want a sound mind in a sound body. The sports are suitable for both children and adults so you can go have some fun together!
An interesting fact is that two of the tennis courts are heated and covered with a balloon, which is making the complex the only one suitable for training during the winter in theVeliko Tarnovo region!

The sports club include six tennis courts, a padel court, squash court and also three very functional halls for dance sport, yoga and table tennis. You can choose from a variety of dances such as Latin dances, groups in Pilates, Zumba or our traditional folk dances! If you are not a dancer, you can go for an effective workout at the gym. I don’t want to spare you the sporting goods store, where you can find all kind of equipment and sportswear you need.


Tennis courts


Although, if you get hungry, you can have a quick bite at the restaurant in the club or just to have a cup of tea after training.

The Sports Centre is located at 74 Nikola Gabrovski str. /behind the west bus station/ in our gorgeous centre of Bulgaria- Veliko Tarnovo.


The Restaurant


Squash court




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