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Veliko Tarnovo celebrates its holiday on March 22 with a procession, concerts and a large-scale exhibition

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, Veliko Tarnovo will celebrate its holiday – March 22. The Day of the Old Capital marks the memorable victory of Tsar Ivan Asen II in the battle of Klokotnitsa and the subsequent rise of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. The colorful festive program includes ceremonial rituals, a big city procession, concerts, a solemn session, opening of a large exhibition, as well as a screening of the audio-visual show “Tsarevgrad Tarnov – sound and light”, combined with spectacular fireworks.

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Trabant fest
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After a two-year delay, Trabant Fest returns to Veliko Tarnovo

After two years of delay due to the pandemic, the traditional for Veliko Tarnovo “Trabant Fest” will take place. The date is March 19, and the event, which gathers dozens of friends of the social vehicle, is included in the events celebrating the holiday of Veliko Tarnovo. This will be its eleventh edition.

Usually the Trabant Festival in the old capital opens the calendar for the year of such events. The program is still being finalized, but three of the main points are clear.

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Charity bazaar for martenitsas

For the eleventh consecutive year, there is a traditional charity bazaar for martenitsas, made by people from social services in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The stand of the initiative is located next to the fountains near the town hall and is marked with a special sign. It offers beautiful red and white handicrafts and souvenirs, created with a lot of work and love by the local social services for children, people with disabilities, adults, etc.

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Christmas gala concert
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Christmas Gala Concert in the Veliko Tarnovo Theatre on December 21st

The team of the Konstantin Kisimov Music and Drama Theatre in Veliko Tarnovo is organizing a special Christmas gala concert, called “Snow Flowers”, which will include masterpieces of world opera and operetta classics. The traditional Christmas gala concert will be held on December 21st at 7 pm in the large hall of the theatre.

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