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Second Arbanasi near Veliko Tarnovo to be formed in Strandzha locality
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Second Arbanasi near Veliko Tarnovo to be formed in Strandzha locality

Because of the strict construction norms in the area of Arbanasi near Veliko Tarnovo and the ban on expansion, the so-called second Arbanasi is starting to form. It is located to the left of the road to Gorna Oryahovitsa in the direction of the railway town and goes out to the panoramic Garga Bair above the Trapezitsa Fortress. Interest is great and entrepreneurs have started to buy land there. The panorama is unique and that is one of the biggest advantages of Arbanasi 2.

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Veliko Tarnovo town
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New neighbourhood of the rich is going to be built in Veliko Tarnovo town- 30 houses with pools with panorama and extras

The super complex is located at the top of Kartala quarter in Veliko Tarnovo town.

The building of the most expensive and luxurious residential area of Veliko Tarnovo is just starting. Derveniya House is situated on the top of Kartala in 53 acres of pine forests and has excellent views over the old capital, Tsarevets, Arbanassi and Stara Planina. The investor is a company of the same name. The complex, which includes more than 30 houses, divided into independent plots with yards, swimming pools, barbecues and outbuildings, was designed by arch. Nikolai Georgiev. Continue Reading

luxury Veliko Tarnovo houses
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Luxury Veliko Tarnovo houses in “The neighborhood of the rich” Kuzludzha area

The building of houses up to 7 meters with gardens in the last panoramic area of Veliko Tarnovo just began. These luxury Veliko Tarnovo houses will be located in Kuzludzha neighbourhood at the west end of the town.

There is a huge demand for houses in the surrounding villages and the market is exhausted. That is why the investors choose Kozlodzha area, where houses can be built and the owners will be secluded and will feel the cosiness of the area, and at the same time they will be in the town. Continue Reading