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Black friday
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“Black Friday” in Mall Veliko Tarnovo and other big stores in the city

On the 26th of November it’s going to be the so called “Black Friday” in most of the stores in the city and the country.

Mall Veliko Tarnovo promises to its visitors discounts in the stores to reach – 70%

A variety of winter jackets and shoes, sportswear and accessories, jewelry for the upcoming holidays, tableware and decorations are just a small part of all the items, that you can find in the stores.
Mall Veliko Tarnovo is reminding for the need of strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and conditions according to the order of the Minister.

Other big stores in the city are also having “Black Friday” discounts

Each store is doing the promotions on different dates and have different discounts, so keep in mind to check the website or the Facebook page of any store, that you would like to shop from. Here is a short list of some of the stores with their discounts dates in the country:

DOMKO – 15-30 November – 20% discount of selected items.
PRAKTIS – 19/20 November – 20% discount of all items.
TOP SHOP – up to 70% discounts

There will be discounts also in METRO, ZORA, VIVRE, Praktiker and others.

There is a plenty of web stores, that you can shop from as well, such as NOTINO, EMAG, ABOUT YOU and etc.

If you are planning to take advantage of the “Black Friday” discounts, it is good to keep in mind the requirement for a green certificate, which applies to all indoor activities and establishments, including shopping centers, malls and all big shops over 300 square meters. At the entrance of the sites, visitors must certify that they have the so-called green certificate. This document is issued when the vaccination cycle is completed by the immunization centers or the personal doctor. The other options are to present a PCR/ antigen test done 48 hours earlier, a document for illness up to a year back in time or a test with sufficient antibodies performed in a certified laboratory.

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