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“Black Friday” in Mall Veliko Tarnovo and other big stores in the city

On the 26th of November it’s going to be the so called “Black Friday” in most of the stores in the city and the country.

Mall Veliko Tarnovo promises to its visitors discounts in the stores to reach – 70%

A variety of winter jackets and shoes, sportswear and accessories, jewelry for the upcoming holidays, tableware and decorations are just a small part of all the items, that you can find in the stores.
Mall Veliko Tarnovo is reminding for the need of strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and conditions according to the order of the Minister.

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Shopping Centre Veliko Tarnovo
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New Shopping Centre Veliko Tarnovo will be opened in the Poltava Complex

The new shopping centre Veliko Tarnovo will include a 3-story complex with an underground parking and a big cinema.

The owner of the cultural complex “Poltava” Velichko Minev is currently clearing some of the dangerous elements of the facade, where the cinema had been up until years ago, waiting to get the proper construction permit to completely rebuild Poltava. According to Minev the work that needs to be done will take around a year or so. He has plans to build an underground parking on 3 or even 4 levels if the terrain allows. As anyone living in Tarnovo knows parking in this town is extremely hard so a new parking will definitely come in handy. Besides an underground parking the complex will most likely include a cinema, as well as a few well-known retail chains.

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Veliko Tarnovo with a new shopping centre

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The new shopping centre

A new mall will open within the next month, it was announced by a local newspaper. It is located in the very centre of the town, just a stone throw’s away from the Green market. It will be smaller than the already existing one but still with its 10,000 sqm will bring joy to the shopping fans.

The shopping complex will host more than 30 shops, a bank branch, cafés and a restaurant. There will be also two parking lots, one of which – underground; they will have a combined capacity of 100 vehicles. Continue Reading