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Another year of Enyovden celebrations at the Samovodska charshia


Enyovden celebrations at the Samovodska Charshia


Bulgarian herbs

On the 24th of June the Samovodska charshia in Veliko Tarnovo will welcome visitors for Enyovden celebrations for 12th year in a row. This is day of summer solstice, herbal remedies and ancient magic rituals. The festive days starts at 10.30 am on Wednesday with the traditional passing through a wreath which has 77 herbs intertwined in it. This is done following the ancient rituals and is said to bring good health. Traditional Bulgarian folk songs will also be performed during the opening hour.

enyAt 11 o’clock the chairman of the Union of Herbalists in Bulgaria, Emil Elmazov, will prepare an ancient medical remedy by mixing herbs, oils and beeswax. There will also be a demonstration of a Sun based technology for producing healing herbal potions, using a ray of sunlight, magnetic field, live plants and spring water. Throughout the day there will be an exhibition with some of the most popular herbs in Bulgaria and their beneficial effects.

If you are an early-riser you can join the groups going early in the morning to Ksilifor and Arbanasi. There you will learn about distinguishing, picking and using herbs. The meeting point for groups going to these destinations is Bilkaria Tea House and Bakery in Asenov neighbourhood, at 6 am.

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