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Colourful kitchen – dare to experiment with colours – Part Two

Black as the night kitchen equals luxury and classic elegance.

As promised last week in a series of successive articles we will discuss different colour solutions for the kitchen. This week we will look at black as the main colour for your kitchen.


Black is the equivalent of classic elegance and luxury. But this colour is often overlooked as interior design, especially in the kitchen. Should not shy away from black, used properly and with taste, it is very appropriate for a modern kitchen in the 21st century.

brummel-kitchen-luxury-designdownload (1)

Black as the main colour is more suitable for large, open kitchens with lots of daylight, because more or less it visually reduces the room.

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Futuristic-looking kitchens can also be black, and with the appropriate lighting creates a feeling of boundless universe or modern spacecraft taking us a million miles away from reality.

Innovative and Modern Luxury Modular Kitchen Design Concepts24222_bigbig_394fb3bd2f61677ff5b5aa7c6e566e08

If the black dominates as colour, an interesting back-splash can bring colour and vivid contrast. The same applies to kitchen cabinet doors, which are often neglected as an option for creating additional accents in the kitchen.


Naturally black can be combined with another colour that will bring dynamic in the interior through the contrast. Colourful accents can be placed anywhere – chairs, lampshades and wall sconces, wall clock or other decorative elements in the kitchen. Do not hesitate to try new things and experiment, trust your own sense of beauty and style.

download (3)19729_big

Not necessarily the entire kitchen should be in black, you can bet only on cabinets and kitchen island, or to choose stylish black appliances, which will bring a touch of luxury. It all depends on your taste and desire.


If the black scares you, you can bet on more neutral tone walls and put black details that can be replaced more easily, such as curtains, blinds, shelves. You can paint part of the wall with black paint for school boards and to create a place for your favourite recipes, important notes or playground for your children where they can draw while you cook.


The important thing in the interior is to express yourself – your own style is unique and will make you feel comfortable, and this is very important when it comes to the kitchen, especially if cooking is not your passion.

images (6)images (3)4125_IMG_3582

To be continued…

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