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Veliko Tarnovo – Photo exibition commemorates 100 years since a devastating earthquake

Images from the earthquake

Images from the earthquake (click to enlarge)

The photo exhibition can be seen in Veliko Tarnovo centre, set in front of the Arts Faculty Building. Images are curated by the Modern and New History Department of the Regional History Museum in VT and includes 61 images from the archives of the museum.

The photographs reveal the devastation and destruction from the earthquake on June 1, 1913 that shook the Old Bulgarian Capital. Some of the images are being displayed for the first time, and post cards with such images can also be observed.


Tarnovians and guests of the city can see the damages on some of the most iconic Veliko Tarnovo houses, building, monuments and churches – The state School for Boys St Cyril, 40 Martyrs Church, St Spas Church and the St. St Peter and Pavel.

The Cathedral Church "Nativity of the Holy Mother"

The Cathedral Church “Nativity of the Holy Mother”

The Cathedral Church "Nativity of the Holy Mother" now

The Cathedral Church “Nativity of the Holy Mother” now

The exhibition shows not only the devastation and tragedy of Tarnovians in the summer of 1913, but also the vision of the affected buildings after the disaster and after their reconstruction in the coming decades.


Photographs show that despite the horror and the damages amounting to 12,316,000 Levs, residents of Veliko Tarnovo found the strength and will to recover the City of Tsars, that was destroyed up to 80% in June 1913.


Information about the earthquake and more images can be seen on Regional History Museum website.

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