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The village of Hotnitsa in transforming in front of our eyes


Hotnitsa Waterfalls

The last three years saw the village of Hotnitsa gradually transforming and improving. The village is located in Veliko Tarnovo area and is widely known for its beautiful waterfall, which attracts hundreds of tourists daily. Hotnitsa has become the new home of many British expat families and nowadays the number of foreigners living in the village is close to the number of the Bulgarians.


Hotnitsa is marked in red








Local Initiatives Programme which is funded by the municipality provided money so that many of the issues Hotnitsa had were addressed and dealt with. Last year the fountain the centre of the village was repaired, as well as public toilets and the kids’ playground was fitted with an impact absorbing safety surface. The water supply system was rehabilitated in 2013.


Hotnitsa Waterfalls

The renovation of the village square is starting next week. The square will have new tiles and pots with beautiful flowers and park benches will also be installed. The eco trail leading to the waterfall will also be a subject of attention – it will be cleaned and the handrails will be replaced. The path leads to a clearing above the waterfall – there is a water fountain there and now the plans are for a gazebo to be placed there.


Hotnitsa Eco-trail

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