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Colourful kitchen – dare to experiment with colours

Blue as the main colour in the modern kitchen.


If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or you have just bought a new home, except for the functionality of the kitchen you should think about the colour of the walls, the furniture and appliances in it, its overall vision. At several consecutive posts we’ll look at a few basic colours, which you can choose.

Today we approach boldly and will focus on blue as the main colour for the kitchen. Blue as the sky, fresh as the water or as deep and dark as a sea abyss, the choice depends entirely on your personal feeling.

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Blue and its many shades are a symbol of freshness and tranquillity. This colour brings energy and peace soothes. According to some studies that colour is one of the most beloved. As a colour it can be used for any room of the house, why not in the kitchen.

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Shades of blue start at dark, turquoise pass through and reach the blue sky. The blue colour creates a sense of infinite peace – as pure azure.


Cerulean Blue optically expands the space, it creates a feeling of freshness through its combination with bright colours and contrasts well with its combination with darker tones.


Blue is associated with the endless expanse of sea, so that colour brings not only romance, but also coolness. So this colour is the very appropriate solution for furniture in south facing kitchens – the optical effect decreases the temperature sensation.


Years ago, there were not many opportunities – for colourful furniture, nor when it comes to kitchen appliances, but today manufacturers and importers tempt us with an incredibly wide range of colourful offers. But not to get lost in these many colourful ideas, you must first clarify the concept – whether kitchen furniture to be in tune with the rest or to contrast completely to distinguish?

images (4)1419154_1Beautiful-Blue-Kitchen-With-Blue-Kitchen-Clock

Even a white kitchen can be fully changed with some blue accents. Or you can bet on blue walls and leave furniture in neutral colours. It all depends on your inner sense.


You can be original and choose unusual and engrossing kitchen back, which puts you on the beach or on the fabulous snowy mountain.


Do not forget that blue doesn’t awaken your appetite, so a blue table or a kitchen island will have a positive effect on your waistline.


To be continue…

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