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Veliko Tarnovo entertainment
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The a cappella show “Voca People” – Veliko Tarnovo entertainment

The show will rock the Palace of Culture and Sports “Vasil Levski” in Veliko Tarnovo on March 9

The a cappella show “Voca People” will rock the “Vasil Levski” Palace of Culture and Sports in Veliko Tarnovo on March 9. This Veliko Tarnovo entertainment includes eight incredibly talented singer-comedians who master the art of beatboxing play an entire orchestra with just their voices. This is a show without instruments or sound effects! Award-winning, full of energy, irony and fun, this international phenomenon will bring the Veliko Tarnovo audience over a hundred favorite hits from Madonna and Michael Jackson to Beyoncé and Bruno Mars. The performers pay special attention to Mozart!

voca people

For 15 months, Voca toured only in America. There was also a Paris “run” – 500 concerts. Then the whole of France, Belgium, Switzerland, South America, Asia, four tours in China, three in Korea and the same number in Singapore. More than 40 countries, more than 3 million tickets sold.

Who are the Voca People

Veliko Tarnovo entertainment

The eight members of “Voka People” pose as aliens, dress only in white and wear red lipstick. They claim to come from the planet Voca. Somewhere beyond the Sun, where all communication is based on music and vocal expressions. They manage to reproduce an entire orchestra with just their voices. The band fills the stage with a lot of energy, irony and fun. Their motto is: “Life is music and music is life.” In Italy they became famous through a clip on YouTube, which had over 15 million hits in less than one year, and a series of television appearances.

Their first appearance in an Italian TV show was Ale e Franz on 28 September 2009. Later they also appeared on Domenica In and the Italian X Factor.They performed during the closing ceremony of the 18th Shanghai international film festival in June 2015, Shanghai, China and also during the opening ceremony of the Eurovision song contest that was held in Tel Aviv in 2019.

The Voca People sometimes mingle with crowds, singing, improvising and playing with passers-by. Their appearance and performances have been compared to Blue Man Group.

In 2023 they started touring with a whole new show called “The Voca People Cosmic Tour”.

Just a few quotes let us understand how the press evaluates the team:

Veliko Tarnovo entertainment

“It’s just a knockout!” – New York Times.

“Aliens with golden voices!” – Le Figaro.

“Incredible vocals , a very entertaining show!” – New York Post.

Voca People will take you on a magical musical journey filled with familiar tunes in a completely new and whimsical interpretation, according to the organizers of the event. Enjoy this Veliko Tarnovo entertainment.

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