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Veliko Tarnovo town
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A new indoor pool will open in Veliko Tarnovo town

New indoor swimming pool will open in the beginning of autumn in Veliko Tarnovo town. The pool is close to Billa supermarket, also there is an open pool that is open for the summer.
There is a major overhaul of the facility and the adjoining premises. The swimming pool is small Olympic size and is 25 m long and 12.5 m wide, the depth is from 1.40 to 1.90 m. At this stage most of the pool is ready, its size and shape are preserved and it is made by standard. A brand new filtering system will also be installed.

The indoor pool has been out of order for 16 years and was in a very bad condition. The municipality of Veliko Tarnovo town rented it in 2015 for a period of 10 years with a decision of the Municipal Council. According to the contract, the investor company must open the outer swimming pool within 1 year, and within 3 years the internal one should work. The open-air swimming pool has been functioning for three years and has been completely repaired, as well as the space around it.

The owners of the investor company said that they perform all the activities according to the contract with the municipality and the pool will open in time. During the renovation they face a number of difficulties, one of the most serious challenges being the flooding of the building because of a clogged shaft, but they manage to solve the problem. Along with the renovation of the swimming pool, a floor heating of the building was made, the changing rooms and the sanitary facilities were also renovated.
Investor company explained that there are negotiations with swimming clubs in the city to conduct training for children in the renewed pool.

For the hot summer there are 29 open swimming pools in the territory of Veliko Tarnovo district:

Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo (12 pools):
– Veliko Tarnovo: “Valeria” (Raditechnikuma complex), park hotel “Asenevtsi”
– the town of Debelets, “Bryasta”
– Kilifarevo
– Voneshta voda village – “Vedar” “Relax Coop” and “Dimara”
– Velchevo Village – “Kapinovski Monastery” (2 pools)
– Ledenik village
– Arbanasi – “Moda – S” and “Rachev and Sabeks”

Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa (2 pools):
– Gorna Oryahovitsa
– Parvomaytsi village

Elena Municipality (3 pools):
– Central village huts
– Yakovtsi village
– “Boaza” inn

Lyaskovets Municipality (5 pools):
– Lyaskovets – “Baron – H”, ET “Vladi Yorgov – Ralitsa”; “Iva-Komers”, “The Boyars”
– Village of Dragijevo – “Veliko Tarnovo Camping”

Pavlikeni Municipality (2 pools):
– Pavlikeni – “Fidcom”, ET “Gabriel – N.Kolev”.

Polski Trambesh Municipality (1 swimming pool):
– Polski Trambesh

Municipality of Svishtov (4 pools):
– Svishtov – “Ivall Group”, “Lorien-2008”, “Tedi Style 2007”
– Oresh village

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