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Moving to Bulgaria. Supermarkets and Superstores

Moving-59So it’s all decided now and you are moving over to Bulgaria permanently? Great news! Sure you are wondering about the way of living here and how things are getting done. No worries! We are going to tell you about different aspects of everyday life in a series of blogs.


Tsarevets Fortess in Veliko Tarnovo

Today the blog is about the supermarket and superstore chains which you can find in Bulgaria. Many of the world renowned brands are represented here. We are based in the beautiful town of Veliko Tarnovo or VT as some call it; the town and the area are highly liked by foreigners looking for the perfect place to relocate in Bulgaria. So we are going to tell you about the names you can find nationwide and those of them which are based in Veliko Tarnovo itself. Bulgaria is not a big country so getting to any of the places which you can’t find in VT is easy and won’t take long.


CBA, Praktiker and JYSK are all placed at the so-called Targovski Park (Commercial Park) in Veliko Tarnovo

IKEA and JYSK are some of the international companies selling ready-to-assemble furniture and home accessories. You will find JYSK in Veliko Tarnovo.

You probably haven’t heard of Technomarket and Technopolis but these are the biggest stores for TVs, computers and other household electric appliances. Both of them have their stores in VT.

As for supermarkets some of the better known names which you can visit in BG are Carrefour, LIDL, Kaufland, Billa, CBA, Piccadilly and T-Market (the last two are operating under different names in Europe). LIDL, Billa and CBA are placed in Veliko Tarnovo and Kaufland is in Gorna Oryahovitsa, a 5 min drive from VT.


Technopolis Store

Many of the locals, especially in the villages, are growing their own fruit and vegetables and are breeding domestic animals for meat and dairy products. So if you choose to live in a village you can buy stuff from them – it will be cheaper than in the chains and it will be grown and produced in a way close to organic. Alternatively you can go to the Farmers Market in VT.


Metro Cash & Carry in Veliko Tarnovo

DIY superstores like Praktiker, Mr. Bricolage, Baumax (now Homemax) and Praktis are the best places for you to get everything you need for your projects. Praktiker and Praktis have their stores in Veliko Tarnovo.

Metro Cash and Carry is also present in Veliko Tarnovo. Here you can buy anything from electric appliances through groceries to tyres.

In the next blog in the series we will give information about mobile network operators and monthly and prepaid phone plans.

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