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Gorna Oryahovitsa celebrates its renowned sudzhuk


Sudzhuk na skara/BBQ

The traditional Fest of the Gorna Oryahovitsa Sudzhuk will take place on 30th and 31st May. The organizers of the event are promising two days full of fun, tasty temptations and nice music for everyone present.


During last year’s Sudzhuk Fest


Last year’s long sudzhuk

The first day will begin at 10.30 with the opening of an exposition dedicated to the Gornooryahovski sudzhuk in the Gorna Oryahovitsa Regional Historical Museum. The fest will officially kick start at 12.30 pm in the Gradska Gradina Park. The Sudzhuk Chefs will prepare a 60 m long sudzhuk following a traditional recipe; all the guests of the event will then be able to taste it.


The festive programme also includes the performances of various folklore groups, quizzes, cooking competitions and a sudzhuk dance-off contest; of course there are many prizes for the winner. There will be also a demonstration cook show and a music concert. The day will finish with Barefoot Fire Dancing, the so called Nestinarski Tantsi.


Barefoot Fire Dancing

Sunday will start at 11 o’clock. Again there will be lots of entertainment and amusements throughout the whole day – sudzhuk contests, culinary competitions, quizzes and prizes. A stage will be set up and it will welcome many musician, singers and bands. As always the Sudzhuk Fest will be closing with fireworks show.

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