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Unique renovation of two centuries old house

Interesting idea how to turn an old house into a modern home.

 57cb2fe2bfcda444aa84db75a348e5ab_1You bought old but unique in its appearance house and want to turn it into something new, but to keep its spirit? In the following article you will understand how some young architects have achieved this. And why not to borrowed some of their ideas and combine them with your own preferences.


The renovation of this house two centuries begins with the idea to change only the interior and outside of it to preserve its authenticity. The design is fairly minimalist, but is decorated with style.


The interior is designed with concrete surfaces and modern finishes, reminiscent of wood and natural stone. While from the outside are left rough stone walls that contribute to the ancient feeling, which creates house.


Tub set into the floor gives a luxurious and modern look of the bathroom. The stone wall corresponds to the exterior and the overall sense of authenticity.


The toilet is also determined quite interesting. The sink is clean and at the same time eccentric for most people. But exactly the uniqueness makes a house into a home.


You can enjoy lots of natural light and great views offer large windows covered with massive wooden shutters interesting substitute for modern blinds or curtains. Upper windows are made so that from the inside looks like the wall is unfinished and it has holes, but this is exactly the idea of ​​designers. Stimulating the human imagination and fantasy. To strengthen our senses and cause our interest.


Just because of this minimalistic design, the house is very open and spacious. This allows you to unleash your imagination and bring those personal touches that will make it the family home you dream of.


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