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Emen Cave, Veliko Tarnovo Area



The Emen Cave, located at the beginning of the Emen Walking Trails, is 3,113 meters long and ranks seventeen in the list of the deepest caves in Bulgaria.


In the past, the cave was used consistently as mushroom plantation, a warehouse for ripening cheese, and as a part of the military base, built above the cave. This explains the concrete slab at the entrance and the elevator shaft in the arch.


Besides the most famous Emen Cave, a large cave system was discovered between 1985 – 1991 located between the villages of Musina, Balvan, Novo Selo, Emen, Dobromirka, Vishovgrad (villages within close reach to Veliko Tarnovo), with a number of wet and dry galleries. These are the caves Ruse (3306 metres), Bambalov Hole (2923 metres) and Troana (3243 metres) .

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