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Architects create model of buildings on Independence Str in Veliko Tarnovo

streetOwners of property in Veliko Tarnovo’s Nezavisimost Street and developers who want to build in the area will have to meet certain requirements for renovation and construction.


An expert team of architects Nikolay Malakov, Donka Koleva and Stefan Tangalov have prepared a scaled model of the original look of the historic street, as well as a set of requirements for developers, regarding the buildings height, elongation, façade, etc.


The team will provide, free of charge, owners and developers with restoration and construction projects, as agreed with the Bulgarian National Institute of Cultural Heritage.


This is a municipality initiative to urge owners of Veliko Tarnovo property on Nezavisimost to start renovating their buildings, as they will not have to wait several months for approval and acquisition of construction/renovation projects.


The idea behind having a team of experts who prepare such projects is to resurrect the original look of the street or at least create a unified vision. The team has developed a vision for the façades in detail, including the materials that have to be used.


Almost every second house on Nezavisimost is unsightly in appearance, but owners were not investing a penny to repair façades, although they collect solid rent for the retail premises of the ground floor. The municipality still cannot force them to renovate, but now they have an incentive at least.


The municipality does force all owners of buildings of run down houses to cover their façades, for safety and aesthetics sake.

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