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Canceled flights and chaos at the airports in Europe

Hundreds of canceled and delayed flights due to lack of staff since the pandemic. Passengers are forced to wait for hours at European airports.

The main reasons for this situation are the lack of sufficient airport staff and the sharp increase in travelers after the abatement of the coronavirus pandemic. The result is canceled or delayed flights and many annoyed passengers.

Governments of many countries lifted Covid restrictions at the last minute. The airline industry therefore had very little time to reorganize its business after the past two years.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the number of travelers dropped sharply, which led to a reduction in the number of flights and to layoffs. Now the demand is increasing, but the airlines are not able to take all the passenger flow due to shortage of staff. Airlines and airport operators need to recruit new employees. However, they must guarantee them better working conditions and pay.

Even more serious are the problems facing U.S. travelers and the managers of many airports and airlines.

Strikes disrupt air traffic

The situation for those traveling by plane in Europe this summer is also complicated by the strikes carried out by employees of the largest European low-cost airline, Ryanair, as well as other air carriers.

Pilots and flight attendants are unhappy with their working conditions and pay. The protests are disrupting air traffic and leading to the cancellation or long delays of many flights.

Passengers are advised to be prepared that they may have to wait longer than usual to go through security and document checks, and to check their flight status before arriving at the airport to avoid being delayed or unpleasantly surprised if it is cancelled.

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