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Bread Fest in the village of Resen near Veliko Tarnovo
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Bread Fest in the village of Resen near Veliko Tarnovo

For the 7th  year, the village of Resen near Veliko Tarnovo will host its bread fest. The fest is under the motto No One Is Bigger Than Bread. It will take place on July, 6th (Saturday) at the local community centre at 10.00.

The bread festival will feature two contests. The first is an authentic folklore contest with 3 categories, which are songs, customs and individual performances. The second one is a culinary contest, where the participants present home-made bread which are traditional for the given settlement and arrange their own tables.  15 members and 8 individual artists from 6 municipalities will take participation in the festival. A competent jury will evaluate the participants in both contests.

There will be a few guest performers such as “DYNAMIC” Dance Studio, Men’s Singing Group “G. Izmerliev “, group for old urban songs ” Nadezhda “Ressen, Stoyan Gruev from the village of Resen. During the fest, everyone will be able to taste the delicious mekitsa and cooked sweet wheat amongst other culinary delights. The mekitsa (мекица in Bulgarian) is a traditional Bulgarian dish made of kneaded dough that is deep fried. They are somewhat similar to Hungarian lángos and British Yorkshire pudding. Mekitsa is a breakfast dish usually paired with white cheese or some type of jam.

All residents and guests of the village of Resen near Veliko Tarnovo are welcome on July 6 – Saturday at 10:00 am in the lounge of the Narodna Prosveta 1874 library, to show that “No one is bigger than bread”. After all, bread occupies an essential part of the Bulgarian menu. No matter how rich the table is, without its flavour and taste, it is unfinished. The Bulgarian proverb: “No one is bigger than bread” is an expression of great respect and admiration for the bread.


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