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Healthy snacks, desserts and bread offers the "Trokadero" bakery in Veliko Tarnovo
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Healthy snacks, desserts and bread offers the “Trokadero” bakery in Veliko Tarnovo

Healthy breakfasts, spicy bread, cakes and a wide variety of sweet temptations offers “Trokadero” – the newest dining venue in Veliko Tarnovo.

The coffee-bakery opened in October and is located in the centre of the old capital on 1 Hristo Botev Street, in the post office building. In it, sweet and savoury lovers can discover a wide variety of culinary delights – from traditional banitsa with cheese to the tempting taste of French macaroni.

“Trokadero” offers a variety of healthy bread – spelt, leaven and with 30% sunflower seeds. There you can also buy bread with garden spices, garlic, rosemary and tomato, multi-grain bread and more, all baked on sight to be fresh and warm.  Banitsa with spinach, ham and cheese and Italian bread with cheese or bacon are among the interesting snacks offered by the bakery.

The current product for the December holiday season in “Trokadero” is the Christmas home-made gingerbread cookies, which are ordered on site. Customers can choose the shape and the decoration of the sweets, which are presented in a beautiful package. At the moment, the packages include seven Christmas cookies, but different packages can be prepared according to the wishes of the customers. The sweets are a great gift for the upcoming festive days.

Cakes, pastries and muffins are among the most sought-after and liked products, as well as raw candy and a healthy breakfast of cured milk, honey, nuts and dried fruit. For diabetics and healthy food admirers, “Trokadero” offers cheesecake with chocolate made without sugar. A suitable substitute for sweet is the raw candy made from nuts, dates and honey.

“Trokadero” will soon have a special section of healthy products for people who avoid gluten, sugar and dairy products. There will also be vegan foods. You can visit this bakery in Veliko Tarnovo every day from 07.00 to 19.00.

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