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XI Dixie Jazz Fest starts on July 11th in Veliko Tarnovo

For the eleventh year in a row, Veliko Tarnovo will host one of the most exciting events for music lovers – the XI edition of the Dixie Jazz Fest. It is organized by the Dixie Jazz Fest Foundation with the financial support of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. The friendly hosts will be the classical jazzmen of the Royal Dixie Band in Tarnovo. The event is free for all residents and guests of the city.

This year the festival will offer an Australian-British jazz trio, two young funk groups, two Bulgarian groups and the virtuoso performances of the hosts. All of them will gather on stage in the middle of July for the joy of jazz lovers in Veliko Tarnovo.

The eleventh edition will start on July 11 and until July 13 will offer six concerts in three festival evenings under the festival’s theme “111 beats per minute”. Traditionally, the stage of the jazz festival is located by the Asenevtsi Monument near the city centre. This year, the program will include a Dixieland parade on the streets of Veliko Tarnovo and jam sessions in club Melon after each festival night.

The stage is near the Asenevtsi Monument because it is a special place in the city. It is one of the iconic landmarks of Veliko Tarnovo. This monument stands tall next to the Boris Denev State Gallery, the Yantra River, at the feet of the Sveta Gora Hill and overlooks the beautiful traditional Bulgarian houses of the Old Town. The monument and the surrounding park are a favourite recreation place for residents and guests of the Old Capital, as well as a summer scene and venue for cultural and musical events.

The Dixie Jazz Fest is just one of the many events planned to happen in Veliko Tarnovo this year. Keep an eye on our site to be up to date with the latest news, events and festivals in Veliko Tarnovo and the region.


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