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Veliko Tarnovo receives an on-ground 8-meter chessboard

The pastime board game is a gift from a manufacturer hoping it will increase Veliko Tarnovo’s chance of winning the ‘European capital of culture 2019’ contest


On-ground chessboard

Veliko Tarnovo will receive an 8 by 8 meters long on-ground chessboard, worth approximately 2500 euros. The person who donates the chess is smitten with the town and in his opinion the chess will contribute towards Veliko Tarnovo’s efforts to win the contest.

The benefactor said that he is the only manufacturer of such on-ground chessboards in Bulgaria. The chess conforms to all world set guidelines and is in 1:10 scale compared to the standard table chess. The generous man will grant it for free because in his words Veliko Tarnovo deserves to have such an amusement.

The measurements of the base are 8 by 8 meters and the pieces are of three different sizes according to their significance – pawns are 40 cm high, rooks, nights and bishops are 60 cm and the king and queen tower at 80 cm.

According to the manufacturer the on-ground chessboard should ideally be placed within an amphitheatrical setting so that onlookers can have a good view of the moves and how the game of chess progresses. The only thing left to do for the local authorities is to find a spot for the game and help in building the tiered seats around it.

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