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Third fest of the Elenski But in the town of Elena

Logo_Elenski_but_crFor the third year in a row the town of Elena is organizing a fest for its renowned delicacy – the Elenski but. The event will take place on Saturday, 25th October, in the town market; the old authentic houses and the cobbled streets covered with fallen leaves are the best interior for such an event. This year things are going to get even bigger – there will be stalls with lots of knick-knacks from the centre and all the way to the upper square. Many local wine producers will also present their wines. Another attraction will be a ride with a phaeton, a characteristic vehicle of old time Elena.

This year the organizers of the event – Elena Municipality, the Local Tourist Council and Rotary Club – have prepared an even more interesting programme than the previous ones. A stage will be set up in the town square where different performers will entertain the guests and citizens of Elena. The show starts at 12 pm and will continue till 8 pm.

At 10.30, at the butchers’ corner at the town market, local master butchers will put a show displaying different techniques for dressing and butchering a pig. There will be also a whole pig roasting over a pit starting at the same time, a real attraction for locals and guests alike.

27851713099846332The women of Elena are also taking part in the celebrations – they will bake tasty white cheese banitsi (banitsa), spinach banitsi (spanachnik) and sweet pumpkin banitsi (tikvenik) for everyone to try. At noon, after the pig is all scorched and cleaned and then butchered, the BBQs are going to be loaded with tempting chops and steaks.

In another area chef Ivan Zvezdev will demonstrate to visitors how to prepare pork in various ways as well as many tricks for you to get the best result when cooking pork. An assortment of local delicacies like Elenski but, Elenska ribitsa (fillets), Elenska nadenitsa (sausages), sudzhuk and a variety of dairy products will be available to buy at the stalls along the square.

The renowned Elenski but is a dry-cured ham from which is a popular delicacy throughout the country. The meat is salted and rubbed with herbs and then left to dry in the air. It has a specific taste and can be preserved in the course of several years, owing much to the special process of making and the climatic conditions of that part of Balkan Mountains where Elena is located.

Representatives of other Bulgarian towns have also been invited for the first time this year; they will present produce they are renowned for. So far participation has been confirmed by Pavlikeni (known for its eggs), Lyaskovets (food carving), Gorna Oryahovitsa (sudzhuk), Zlataritsa (garden soup), Strazhitsa (Wheat loaf) and Kavarna (fish).

The Strongest Balkan Man competition will put against each other volunteers trying to show off some muscles. There will be different disciplines and winners will receive prizes. This year the children’s play corner will be located in the open summer theatre. There will be many attractions for all the children. Kids will try to set a record and draw the longest picture. There will also be a lot of dancing, partying, and many other activities and of course at the end of the day.

A famous Bulgarian folk singer and two folklore dance groups will take care for the good spirits of everyone throughout the day. The organizers are promising many more surprises and events and the will be officially closed with fireworks. Come and try some of the best delicacies in Bulgaria and have some nice time with your friends and family.

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