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Veliko Tarnovo Municipality with a record budget for 2021
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New one-way streets and speed limits of 30 km in Veliko Tarnovo

Some of the streets in the centre and the wide centre of Veliko Tarnovo will become one-way and the speed limit will be 30 km. This reduction of traffic aims to both increase the safety on the streets and to create new parking spots. This is indicated by the new plan for the organisation of the traffic in the old capital, which is being introduced by order of Mayor Daniel Panov this year.

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Bridge repairs, renovations and closed roads in the Veliko Tarnovo area
Local Roads, News, Transport

Bridge repairs, renovations and closed roads in the Veliko Tarnovo area

Bridge repair closes from April 2nd the fourth-class road between Kilifarevo and the village of Plakovo near Veliko Tarnovo. The repair works of the bridge over the Belitsa River are under a project developed by the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, which will be financed by the Interdepartmental Commission for Reconstruction and Support. The bridge approaches will also be repaired. During the repairs, the traffic will be redirected to the following route: Kilifarevo – road II-55 / Veliko Tarnovo – Gurkovo / – Natsovtsi village – Golemanite village – Plakovo village / two-way /. The bus line between Veliko Tarnovo and Plakovo village will also be travelling along this route.

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Local Roads, News, Transport

Major new highway Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo: the debate continues

Last month the government Agency for “Roads Infrastructure” (API) announced dates for a series of meetings to consult with local people on the proposed routes for the new highway between Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo, as reported by VT-Today Nov 23rd: Ruse-Veliko-Tarnovo-Highway.

The new road has an approximate length of 133 km. The beginning of the project is 3 km east of the existing Danube Bridge near Ruse and ends just south of Veliko Tarnovo, connecting with the existing road I-55 between the small towns of Kilifarevo and Debelets. The project is divided into three main sections: from Ruse to Byala, the bypass of the town of Byala and the section from Byala to Veliko Tarnovo.

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