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Greek restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo
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Culinary delights from sunny Greece in the first Greek restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo

A great variety of traditional Greek dishes, fresh sea fish and specialities are offered at the new Ellie’s restaurant in Veliko Tarnovo. 

The first Greek restaurant in the old capital was officially opened on Monday evening in the presence of many guests and friends. The lovely restaurant is set on two levels and the interior is in a characteristic Greek style, predisposing to a culinary journey with attractive offers from our southern neighbour.

One of the specialities the restaurant offers to fans of Greek cuisine is pasticio, which has a very rich and distinguishing taste. In the restaurant, you will get the chance to experience the rich Greek cuisine thanks to the many dishes with different meats according to selected recipes prepared in Greek style, a variety of salads and other dishes. One of the chefs of the restaurant has 10 years of experience in Greece and has learned the insights into the preparation of sea delicacies and specialities so worry not, you will be in capable hands.

The menu of the Greek restaurant is rich in dishes with typical Greek names. Drink variety is also offered in the menu – different kinds of ouzo, of course, Bulgarian brandy, whiskey, cognac and others. There is also a choice of white and red wines from four wineries, one of which in New Zealand. In Ellie’s, you can try tempting desserts that will delight anyone with a sweet tooth – Greek baklava, yoghurt with figs, cadaif with halloumi and other tasty suggestions.

The atmosphere of sunny Greece in the Veliko Tarnovo restaurant will be complemented by live music the first few nights after its opening. The restaurants’ capacity is up to 100 seats. In addition to the regular menu, customers around noon will also have delicious lunch suggestions. Working hours are from 11.00 to 23.00 Monday to Saturday. Restaurant “Ellie’s” is located at 14 Tsanko Tserkovski Str. and you can make a reservation at 0885 911 926 or 0885 911 920.

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