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Contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa in Lyaskovets


Tasty combo – lyutenitsa spread on a slice of bread and garnished with white cheese

Tomorrow, 18th September, Lyaskovets, near Veliko Tarnovo, is hosting a contest for the tastiest home-made lyutenitsa. The winner from the last year’s edition of the competition, Mariyka Baycheva from Merdanya, is going to demonstrate how she prepares her delicious tomato and red-pepper spread in front of the audience so if you want to get the knack of how to cook a tasty lyutenitsa, now is the time to do it. The show will happen in the big town park. Locals both from the town and from the villages in the area will take part in the competition. The three best lyutenitsas will be chosen by a jury. The winners will receive certificates and material prizes. Tomorrow there will also be a concert at the open stage in Lyaskovets square; it starts at 5 pm.


Home-made lyutenitsa is usually prepared in large open fire pots

By 5 pm the lyutenitsa of Mariyka Baycheva should be ready, so everyone is welcome to try it spread on a slice of bread.

Many stalls and tents with fruits, vegetables and items related to vegetable farming and gardening with which the area boasts will also be set up. The exhibition as well as the contest will happen in the big town park.

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