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Tightening of the anti-epidemic measures in Veliko Tarnovo district

Bulgaria has declared an emergency epidemic situation from May 14th to June 14th

As of midnight, Bulgaria is in a state of an emergency epidemic situation. The new measure entered into force immediately after the expiry of the state of emergency. The now announced epidemic situation will be in force from May 14 until June 14.

The Health Minister of Bulgaria explained that the declaration of an emergency epidemic situation is necessary because there is no abrupt change in the development of the coronavirus. He added that 4 groups of orders related to anti-epidemic measures will come into force at midnight . However, there is nothing new in them for now. The minister said that everything that is allowed remains in force, everything that is forbidden – too.

Helath Minister Bulgaria

These orders have to do with specific anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the country, from May 14 to June 14. An order of the Minister of Health regulates the mandatory isolation of confirmed cases of COVID-19, quarantine of contact persons, medical surveillance, etc. A separate order introduces a temporary ban on entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as the exceptions are described in detail. Another order determines which sites continue to operate and which remain closed. As it turned out, the rules remain as they are now. You can get acquainted with the orders (orders № RD-01-262, № RD-01-263, № RD-01-264, № RD-01-265) on the site if the Ministry of Health.

The Health Minister assured that depending on the situation, other measures will be taken to fight the coronavirus. The good news is that now walks in the parks are allowed for everyone. Transplant operations will also be restored, and the football championship will start on June 5th.

Park Bulgaria

However, all entertainment establishments, gambling halls, discos, indoor dining establishments and so on remain closed. Visits to shopping malls are not allowed, except for pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and insurance offices in them. Conducting classes remains remote. Kindergartens and nurseries are also still closed. The 14-day quarantine of all people entering the territory of Bulgaria remains in force. Employers are urged to organize a remote form of work for their employees. Where remote work is not possible, specific anti-epidemic measures for distance and disinfection should be strictly observed. In closed public places – public transport, shops, administrations, churches, sports and cultural sites – wearing a protective mask is mandatory for all.

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