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A journey back in time on Mount Buzludzha



An aerial photo of the Buzludzha Monument

More than 1000 members and followers of the Bulgarian Socialist Party from Veliko Tarnovo area are expected to take part in the traditional Mount Buzludzha Fest. The event is going to take place on July, 31st and August, 1st. The official launch of Buzludzha 2015 is scheduled for 10.30 am on Friday. The leaders of the socialist party will introduce their mayor candidates and the key points in their campaign for the coming local elections in the autumn.



Beside the official part there will be an entertaining programme with lots of music and dancing and some tasty treats to buy.

The traditional fest of the left wing political party will be held for the 124th time this year. Reportedly it usually gathers between 35,000 and 50,000 visitors. The place is not far from Veliko Tarnovo so maybe it will be interesting for you to go and experience the atmosphere of an event which has not changed much from the era of Communism.

бузл стар

Back in time…

бузл стар 2

Back in time…











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