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Trinity simply ‘Rocks’ – Climbing in Veliko Tarnovo

rock2Rock climbing is an extreme activity and millions of people all around the world love it. Veliko Tarnovo is a rock climbers Mecca. The town is the old medieval capital of Bulgaria and is situated in the Yantra gorge. Just outside of Veliko Tarnovo are two well developed crags called St. Trinity and Usteto.  These two crags provide a plethora of routes across a wide range of grades.  You can reach the rocks by two different ways. One of them starts only a couple of minutes away from the village of Samovodene (10km from VT) and the other from the northeast part of the town.  The views overlooking the Dervent Valley, and the town itself make it one of the most beautiful and popular venues for climbing in the whole of Bulgaria. With each year, more routes are added and this highly respected climbing venue is visited by climbers from all over the world. A days Rock climbing will add real adventure to your trip and make it all the more unforgettable. The best time to climb is during the autumn and spring.


If you are new to the area and would like more information a good contact is Trinity Rocks Farm, 5139 Parvomijci, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria where the owner, Cliff Surtees, takes regular groups to climb the rocks.  You can contact Trinity Rocks via the Facebook page to organise your trip.

For those who prefer to learn or climb inside, Veliko Tarnovo has two Indoor climbing walls. One is situated in the University of Veliko Tarnovo and the other is in the Sports hall in the direction of the Praktiker store. Their timetables are changeable during the seasons.


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