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Vasil Levski street is finally open for traffic
Local Roads, News

Vasil Levski street in Veliko Tarnovo is now open for traffic

The main street Vasil Levski Str. in Veliko Tarnovo was open for traffic yesterday. Although the municipality announced last Friday that it was extending the repair work period on the main street until the end of January, the contractor eventually managed to complete the work. With the opening of the street, the teams will continue the excavation activities and the replacement of the pipes in the section in front of the Court House, which requires the closure of the northern lane. The traffic through the crossroads will be carried out in both directions along the southern lane.

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New order: Certificate and PCR test upon entering Bulgaria from countries in the “red zone”

From Friday, January 7, those arriving in Bulgaria from countries in the “red zone” will be admitted to Bulgaria upon presentation of a valid digital EU COVID certificate for vaccination or disease, or a similar document, but at the same time with a negative PCR test of up to 72 hours before entering the country.

This was ordered by the Minister of Health Prof. Asena Serbezova with her order issued today.

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Higher garbage fees
Lifestyle, News

A higher garbage fee for the citizens in the Veliko Tarnovo region

The fee for household waste in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo is increased from 1.2 to 1.7 per mille on the tax assessment of the property from 2022. The proposal of the administration was adopted at a meeting of the Municipal Council yesterday.

There will be a relief for households that introduce separate waste collection. The rates in the region have not changed for 10 years, but in the meantime the amount of the minimum wage has increased at least three times, and for the next year higher costs are expected in connection with the increase in electricity, fuel and water, which requires an increase in the garbage fee as well.

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Rules for entering Bulgaria for the holidays
Lifestyle, News

Rules for entering Bulgaria for the Christmas and New Year holidays

In connection with the growing number of inquiries of Bulgarian citizens, who are about to travel to Bulgaria for the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Ministry of Health recalls the rules for entering the country.

Persons arriving from the “green zone” and the “orange zone” (countries where at the time of assessment, the 14-day morbidity is lower than 500 per 100,000 population) are admitted to the territory of the country upon presentation of an EU digital COVID certificate, a negative test, or a document similar to the digital certificate. The similar document has to contain the same data as the EU digital COVID certificate if the arrivals are from a non-EU country.

A "green certificate" is needed to enter almost all establishments in Bulgaria
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Construction of the northen bypass road
Local Roads, News, Transport

Construction of the Northern Bypass Road

The Municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa has started preparations for the construction of the Northern Bypass Road. It will connect Gorna Oryahovitsa and the Eastern Industrial Zone with the routes of Hemus Motorway and Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo Motorway. The first stage of the work is the design and preparation of a plot plan. A public procurement with two separate positions has been launched.

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