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Veliko Tarnovo event
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March 22 – the official holiday of the old capital -Veliko Tarnovo event

A traditional walking tour dedicated to the celebration of this Veliko Tarnovo event

On the Fest of Veliko Tarnovo – March 22, the Regional Museum of History organizes a free walking tour. It’s for residents and guests of the city with a talk “The Greatness of the Capital Tarnovgrad”. The walking tour will last from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The beginning is from the square in front of the church “St. Dimitar”. The tour will go along the route: church “St. Dimitar” – Church “St. 40 Martyrs” – Church “St. St. Peter and Paul” – church “St. Ivan Rilski” – Tsarevets Architectural Museum Reserve. Tour guides will be Svetlana Petkova and Elin Alexandrov. On the holiday, the church of St. 40 Martyrs” and Architectural-Museum Reserve “Tsarevets”.

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entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo
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“Trabant Fest Veliko Tarnovo” received international status – entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo

The holiday for lovers of the old but true German vehicle – the Trabant, is coming

entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo

On March 16, 2024, the next XIII international “Trabant Fest – Veliko Tarnovo 2024” will be held. The organizers from the local club invite residents of Veliko Tarnovo and guests of the city to the fun. The Trabant Fest in the old capital is traditionally the first of the year among similar festivals in the country. That is why the largest number of participants and audiences usually gather here. Don’t miss this unique entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo.

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festivals Veliko Tarnovo
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Traditions of Sirni zagovezni come to life in Elena – festivals Veliko Tarnovo region

Spring is across the corner and more festivals Veliko Tarnovo region are approaching

The Municipality of Elena organizes a holiday on March 17, Sirni zagovezni. On this day asking for forgiveness, masking, and lighting fires will come alive in Elena. We will fill the tables with pies, cheese, eggs, halva, yogurt, baked apples, and traditional breads. And because this is happening on the eve of the longest and strictest fast, Easter. There will be songs and dances from young and old.

After the amazing pies for St. Charalampius. Which residents and guests of Elena will enjoy not only as spectators, but also as tasters. This time, contestants will prepare the most masterful cheese pies for the competition. The aim of the organizers is mainly for children and young people to touch Bulgarian traditions. And to understand the meaning of forgiveness, respect for the elderly, the purifying power of fire, the importance of Christian fasting.

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event veliko tarnovo
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The regional museum is organizing a walking tour with a talk for March 3 – Event Veliko Tarnovo

The Regional History Museum organizes a free walking tour with dedicated to 146 years since the Liberation of Bulgaria

event veliko tarnovo

The tour will be to historical places related to the national liberation movement. The Russian-Turkish war led to the restoration of Bulgarian statehood.
this event Veliko Tarnovo will start at 10:00 a.m. from “Saedinenie” square N 1 in front of the “Revival and Constituent Assembly” museum. The tour will pass along the route of the “Prison” museum, the “Sarafkin House” museum. And also will pass the “Gurko” street and the “Mother Bulgaria” monument. Tour guides will be Teodora Guleva and Petko Petkanski. Both museums will admit tour participants free of charge.

The museum sites that will be open on the holiday will be the “Tsarevets” fortress, the Archaeological Museum, the “Prison” and “Sarafkina House” museums. Also the church of “St. 40 Martyrs” and Multimedia Visitor Center “Tsarevgrad Tarnov” will welcome visitors. “Constantsalieva House” and Church “Nativity of Christ” in Arbanasi will be opened on 3th of March.

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living in Bulgaria
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The Bulgarian Tradition of Martenitsa – living in Bulgaria

Bulgarian people celebrate the day of Baba Marta (baba means ‘Grandma’ and Marta means ‘March’)

Every year on 1st of March, Bulgarian people celebrate a centuries-old tradition called the day of Baba Marta. Baba means ‘Grandma’ and Marta means ‘March’. The holiday is related to sending off the winter and welcoming the approaching spring. It is an old Bulgarian tradition, and all foreigners living in Bulgaria have wondered about it.

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