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Tsaravets Castle

Euronews presents "Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars"
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Euronews presents “Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars”

A Euronews team visited Veliko Tarnovo in order to film a short video about the old capital. The episode “Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars” from the “Postcards” section of the multilingual news media emphasizes the historical significance of the old Bulgarian capital, which is defined as a “true national treasure” and a “popular tourist destination”.

Euronews presents "Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars
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Local patriotic club will recreate life in the Middle Ages on Tsarevets Fortress

tsaravetsAn open air museum on Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo will reproduce the life people led in the Middle Ages. The local patriotic club Tradition came up with thе idea; they have been taking care of the various tourist attractions and eventс taking place on the hill for years now. Their efforts led to Tsarevets being the most visited tourist site nationwide.

In collaboration with Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and the Tsarevgrad Tarnov Municipal Tourist Agency a medieval settlement depicting crafts typical for the locals from XII to Continue Reading