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Good news for Bulgaria as debt-to-GDP ratio is tops in EU

More good news for Bulgaria and again a demonstration that Bulgarian real estate is a very worthwhile investment to base your small to medium enterprise (SME) in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is now ranking in 2nd place within the European Union in relation to the “debt-to-GDP ratio”, which is a recognised economic indicator of the health of a country’s economy, according to data supplied by Eurostat. In the third quarter of 2012 the correlation between debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was 18,7%.

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Bulgaria economy, “debt-to-GDP ratio” shows Bulgaria is on the right track in Europe!

Earlier this week Bulgaria paid 879,84 million euro and wiped off Euro bonds which had a maturity date of January 15th, 2013 and the “debt-to-GDP ratio” fell down to 14,75%. Only one other EU country, Estonia, is ahead of Bulgaria, which “debt-to-GDP ratio” end of Q3 2012 was 9.6%.

Bulgaria is followed by Luxembourg with 20.9%. The biggest percentage of “debt-to-GDP ratio” has been recorded in Greece – 152,6%, Italy (127,5%), Portugal (120,3%) and Ireland (117%).

Bulgarian real estate for sale

Bulgarian real estate for sale

For more details regarding Bulgarian properties and particularly in the Veliko Tarnovo region, with good road infrastructure being on the Bucharest-Istanbul road and Sofia-Varna road, which will accommodate your business requirements contact the writer, Phil, based in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria.

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