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The Christmas bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo is opened
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Get in the Christmas spirit at the Christmas bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo

The Christmas bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo opened on Friday, November 27th, but there was no official opening due to the current situation. The initial idea this year was for the bazaar to have two locations – Marno Pole Park and the Samovodska Charshia, but due to the dissatisfaction of the residents of the Varusha neighbourhood, it was decided to be in Marno Pole Park only. The bazaar will remain until the end of December and will be open every day from 10:00 to 20:00.

The Christmas Bazaar in Veliko Tarnovo will open on November 27th

All anti-epidemic measures are observed for the holding of the Christmas bazaar – disinfectants have been provided and one-way traffic has been determined. Also, visitors have to wear masks and observe social distance. This year the wooden houses in Marno Pole Park offer a rich variety of Christmas decorations, toys, souvenirs, seasonal goods, confectionery and many more festive temptations. The Christmas post office is under an impressive natural Christmas tree, where the dwarves accept children’s letters for Santa Claus until December 22nd. Don’t forget to write a return address if you want an answer from Santa.

The charity Christmas exhibition-bazaar “We can XIV” is in one of the houses as well. It offers souvenirs, cards and drawings made by users of social services from the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. In anticipation of Christmas, when people open their hearts, the bazaar will host several charity campaigns.

The organisation Friends of Animals VT also has a house there so be sure to stop by and take part in their donation campaign. You can buy various handmade Christmas gifts, gifts for your pets, calendars and more. All of their profits go towards the homeless animals in Veliko Tarnovo and the region. You can also donate cash, food, blankets, bedding and toys for stray animals

The participants in this year’s bazaar say that the visits are still low and there is not much interest for now. They hope that with the approach of the Christmas and New Year holidays, there will be more visitors to choose gifts for their relatives and friends from the bazaar. One of the most visited houses is undoubtedly the Christmas post office, where children send their letters to Santa Claus.

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