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A festival of International Folklore

Fancy a little culture then the international folklore festival begins this Saturday in the heart of Veliko Tarnovo.  It will last for a week and consist of music and dance from 9 different countries: Belgium, Brazil, Georgia, Italy, Columbia, Martinique, Mexico, Korea and the United States.  The youngest participant being only 8 years old from Martinique. The festival will begin with a parade along the main street before the official opening ceremony.  All presentations will be held in the summer theatre where we have opportunity to watch and hear traditional American country, Korean dancers with sails, flag throwers and Shamanic dances with 5000 years of tradition.  Sunday sees the 10th “Miss Festival”

On Sunday, July 19, and then on Friday, July 24, are two evenings devoted to traditional kitchens to sample the delights of Brazil and Columbia, and Mexico and Martinique.

Thank you to the organisers of the festival – it looks to be another great year.
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