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200 new apartments to be built in Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko-Tarnovo-hero-686x262_tcm55-8834Construction project worth 7 million leva is set to finance the building of 200 new apartments in a new quarter of Veliko Tarnovo. The properties are to be built at the site of the former demolished Pharmacy Management quarters in Veliko Tarnovo, reports the local newspaper “Borba”. The information is provided by the “Construction and Spatial Planning” department in Veliko Tarnovo.

According to it, the papers for the new construction projects are already approved and signed. This is the first major site to be approved after the construction boom and the severe crisis that hit the industry.

In addition to the 200 apartments, the project includes the construction of a number of retail outlets, including a superstore, underground carpark and recreation areas. Office buildings are also going to be built and they would be accessed from Marmarliyska Street.

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