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Veliko Tarnovo decks 21 foreign cities with martenitsi


Veliko Tarnovo sent out metre-long martenitsi to 21 of its twin cities in 19 countries. The event called “Martenitsa – The Bulgarian Symbol in Europe” is part of the activities related to Veliko Tarnovo’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2019.

The red and white symbols of health, fertility and abundance were placed on landmark buildings and places in cities like Graz, Tver, Asti, Bitolya and Ohrid, Zadar, Krakow, Etchmiadzin, Siyan, Giugrgiu and Iasi, Budapest and Sopron, Bayonne, Poltava, Opava, Toledo, Tarxien, Tromso, Cetinje and London.

Alongside martenitsi, cities also received¬† the logo of Veliko Tarnovo’s application. The symbolic meaning of the martenitsa were explained is a special message attached to the gifts.

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