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Newly discoverd Roman necropolis – Veliko Tarnovo news

Regional History Museum – Veliko Tarnovo showed the latest archaeological finds from a Roman necropolis

One of the interesting Veliko Tarnovo news is that the most valuable finds from the rich necropolis from the Roman era were presented to the media in the old capital. The necropolis was discovered at the end of last year near the village of Nova Varbovka, Strazhitsa.

The necropolis was discovered by a local farmer at the end of November during autumn plowing. When his tractor plow hit a large limestone slab and in the hole he saw human bones. The farmer notified the mayor of the village and the police. They called the archaeologist from the regional historical museum in Veliko Tarnovo, Nedko Elenski, to the spot. And it was established that it was an ancient grave. Month-long rescue archeological research followed in severe weather conditions and amid abundant December mud. In the course of the work, archaeologists Nedko Elenski, Kalin Chakarov and Mihaela Tomanova discovered a second, earlier grave.

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Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo will once again host a summer antique festival
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Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo will once again host a summer antique festival

The fourth antique festival “Nike – the game and the victory” will take place in the archaeological reserve Nicopolis ad Istrum near Veliko Tarnovo. The one of a kind historical festival dedicated to the early and late Antiquity, which takes place on the territory of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, will be on July 13, Saturday at 10.00 am.Roman festival near Veliko Tarnovo

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