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Veliko Tarnovo marks the World Prematurity Day

Veliko Tarnovo is taking part in yet another world campaign. On November, 17th we mark the World Prematurity Day across the globe. Veliko Tarnovo Municipality is participating in the campaign to show its support for the families of babies born pre-term. This day is observed each year to raise awareness of pre-term birth and the concerns of premature babies and their families worldwide.

On this day sites with significant importance around the world are lit in purple. Veliko Tarnovo with its Tsarevets Fortress won’t make an exception. Today, from 7 pm Tsarevets Fortress is going  to glow in purple for half an hour as a sign of Veliko Tarnovo’s and its citizens’ sympathy for the premature babies and their families and in memory of those who unfortunately lost their battle for life.

Image: Rostislav Grancharov