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Land art symposium in Gabrovtsi, near Veliko Tarnovo

IMG_1734If you are looking for a place to spend your Saturday at you can go to the village of Gabrovtsi, near Veliko Tarnovo. Currently an ecological symposium with the participation of 9 foreign and Bulgarian artists is under way there. The event is called Art – Nature Gabrovtsi and this year’s special guests are John K. Grande, a Canadian critic and writer and Erika Achermann, art journalist in a Swiss newspaper.

On the site in Gabrovtsi you can savour the majesty of Tryavna Balkan and see the works of the artists created during the symposium. The creations are set in a natural surroundings and everyone can have a chat with their creators to share their thoughts. A tour, stopping at each exhibit in the park and presenting it and its author, will set off at 2 pm. 5 pm is the start time of a kids’ workshop among the nature.photo_verybig_1114674

The Art – Nature symposium at Gabrovtsi is held for a third consecutive year. This is a land art event which is one of its kind in Bulgaria.  Land art is a form of art that is created in nature, using natural materials such as soil, rocks, logs, branches and water with introduced materials such as concrete and metal. The works of artists from all over the world including Japan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Israel, Hungary, the USA, turkey, South Korea and Bulgaria, form an outstanding sculptural park around Gabrovtsi. The participants in the symposium are paying special attention to kids who are encouraged to create their own works in the workshops as well as to arts students who are learning through practice while helping their mentors.

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