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New order by the Health Minister: Masks will be optional for work teams of up to 7 people

Important update: Face masks are not mandatory in Bulgaria

The order of the Health Minister of Bulgaria that face masks should be worn in indoor and outdoor public places has been revoked.

The minister said that this measure is another means of preventing the spread of the virus but since there is no complete unanimity in society he has cancelled this order. Instead, Bulgaria will buy 1 million masks, which will be distributed to the socially disadvantaged and people who are unable to buy masks. So now the mask order has become advisable.

The Health Minister also said that the fine for certain violations of the anti-epidemic measures will be reduced and will no longer be 5000 leva. But that is to be discussed. However, for quarantine violators, the penalty remains the same. All of this was said by the Health Minister at a special briefing at the Council of Ministers.

Meanwhile, we will try to update you regularly on the news in this unusual situation. Stay safe and stay home if possible.

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