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Fire Tower in Kostel will monitor for wildfires in Elena region

Balsam_Lake_Mountain_fire_towerTree House back viewThe construction of a fire lookout tower started last month near the Elena village of Kostel. It is expected that the tower will be finished by 15th September. The cost of the project, including the equipment is approximately 250,000 euro.

The basic equipment consists of several components. Thermal imaging camera (TIC), constantly rotating at 360 degrees, covering a range with a radius of 5 km, will continuously monitor the area so a possible fire could be spotted easily and to quickly determine its location . TV camera will capture the exact location of a fire and a meteorological station will collect data 24/7. All the data is received and processed by computer and then transmitted to the control center in Elena.

The fire lookout tower will be located on higher grounds (870 sqm) in order to maximize the viewing distance and will also be provided with lightening protection system.

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